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velimir3 months ago

This is one of those photographs of mine where one can search for objects. I've already published a few of these and know that you guys love them. I try to take such images from time to time because they are a lot of fun for me, as well.

I believe this one is huge. I've found many things in it. Old man's face, dog, skull, fish, running man...etc. It seems that it is the queen of unseen objects. Literary, wherever I look, there is something. Warning, most of them are quite small. I am not sure why is that but it might be because of high detail and strong linearity.

The colour is big in this one. The two main colours lavender blue and orange are competing for attention with tonality and creating interesting surface plasticity. As already mentioned the linearity is augmented. The photograph is definitely abstract art.

Give me your best and enjoy! :)

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