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'Another World Another Time'

velimir4 months ago

The sixties look and feel both in colour and shape evoke some mellow relaxed feeling, yet the pointillistic structure does create a dynamic feeling that lingers in the air. If there were not so many little dots, the overall feeling would be much different. The idea is to portray something that is not from our planet but is still organic enough.

Notice the strong interaction between various shapes and dots and colours. The overall colour scheme of purplish and light orange mixing with green areas in a generally soft focus composition of washed out colours does its share of bringing up a very profound way to bring out the idea. The frame is divided into three general areas. There are only three straight lines in the overall composition. Two of them are very visible. The third one is hidden in the top right corner. :)

I see it as a trip back into almost forgotten aesthetics. You are probably aware that I like reviving old styles from time to time and having fun doing that.

Enjoy! )


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