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A Secret Affair

vanierosePosted for Everyone to comment on, 7 months ago2 min read

Does a Person Love Last Forever?

Hi, Hello!

It's been a very long long time since I last write here in Whaleshares. Forgive me for doing so.

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A friend of mine confess to me about her marital problem lately. She has been married for 11 years. And those years are just a wasted married life because she was married to a man that doesn't care about her and her feelings. They we're officemates before and they became girlfriend and boyfriend. She got pregnant and decided to marry the guy that she thought was the right one. But not all married couple lived happily ever after. She resigned from her job and became a housewife. She took care of her daughter and do the home chores. As they lived together things get worse everyday. She told me that she was beaten by her husband and verbally abuse. She was lonely and there was a time she was thinking to commit suicide.

Lately, she found a guy in the social media. They became friends. She had the attention and affection from that guy which her husband deprive her. In short, she fell in love with that guy.

If you are in her shoe right now. Would you do the same? What advice can you give to her?

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