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Techno scene Sweden - keine Emanzipation oder eine geile Familiengeschichte? (English / Deutsch)

uwelangPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago2 min read

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Techno aus dem Abba Land

Ich war erstaunt, bisher noch nicht über das Land der melodischen Abba Klänge im Umfeld Techno geschrieben zu haben. Noch mehr war ich überrascht in der Top DJ Liste quasi nur Männer zu entdecken, man kennt Adam Beyer und Eric Prydz über die Landesgrenzen, aber wo sind die Acts des weiblichen Geschlechts. In der Liste konnte ich zumindest zwei entdecken. Ida Engbert würde ich gerne mal hier auf Hive vorstellen, so dachte ich, aber da steckt viel mehr dahinter, tolle Familiengeschichte.

Introducing some Techno from Sweden - Ida Engberg

Not only a blonde angel, furthermore a lady with talent for nice Techno sounds. She was new to me, listening to her gigs in Barcelona and made me interested - some interesting sounds, the start was not convincing to me but some vibes kept me listening - after minute 18 it became more relevant for me - Ida got me! Bumping basses with trance elements - exactly what your Uwe loves.

Family Techno story

While checking through her sounds I realized damn Uwe, she is not that new to me at all - i was covering her already on the other platform not remembering at all (while I was checking her husband). Ida the gorgeous girl that used to work Eric Prydz, Björk, Roger Sanchez, John Dahlbäck and Sebastian Ingrosso - the lady that is married to Adam Beyer who more of you guys might know about. Watch that great scene where Ida is playing and her daughters dance to mom's sounds.

Glad I am still surprised by "new" acts that are actually old ones to me and seeing new details on their work, music and story. Below a gig of Ida and hubby Adam - enjoy guys and let me know if you like that one.

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