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Hello World!

unkleboneheadPosted for Everyone to comment on, 15 days ago2 min read

Thats probably the number one title of any post all across the entire internet.

Who am I?
I recognize some the names here on Whaleshares from Hive. Then you probably recognize my name. I'm here checking this place out and seeing what is different than on Hive. So far I gotta say I am pleasantly impressed with it. I like a lot of the underlying differences.

I am sure to post more in the coming days so lets get reconnected if I already know you and for those that I dont know, I look forward to meeting you.

Those of you who dont let me give you a brief run down on what I do and like.
Ive been a professional truck driver in the USA for 27 yrs and no longer drive. I am still involved in the industry. I am an Hours of Service Safety Manager for a medium sized carrier based in Michigan, USA. We haul mostly dairy on the tanker division. On the general freight division it's mostly farm fresh produce, eggs and pharmaceuticals for Pfizer. We are also the biggest transportation company for Tubelite, America's number aluminum doors & windows. I get the pleasure of instructing and helping between 150 -180 drivers everyday with their electronic log books.

I'm also an on line radio dj & podcaster. Thats my first true love and can imagine not every doing it. Thats what most of posts will be. I dont do very many written posts. Cause that way too much work for me. I would rather hit record and then edit and post. But dont get me wrong. I love to share memes and funny jokes or quips. So you can probably expect to see a lot of those from me.

Oh, I also enjoy moon lit walks on the beach and drinking wine under a starry sky.

Oops. That last part was meant for another site.
See ya around soon.

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