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ultraviolet6 months ago7 min read

I recently got tagged in this post for up-voting my own posts.


I wanted to talk about this more as I don't personally see what the problem is with self up-voting and I see so many people blanket attacking it that I wanted to share my own opinions and my reasons for doing it. Each time I create a new post there is an option to tick a box and reward myself for my creation. Whilst yes I do upvote my own posts, I also spend a lot of time (when I have time) up-voting other people's content I enjoy, up-voting people's comments who take the time to leave them and being a part of the community as much as time will allow (which, is variable depending on what else I am working on). I don't ONLY upvote myself I have a balanced approach. I see self up voting as a kind of dividend for keeping your money in the site or even investing your own money into the site. Whilst whaleshares is new I actually feel it is more damaging for the site for people to constantly power down than it is to keep the money in and self upvote in a responsible manner.

I think I can speak for most people on the site when I say we are here to make money. We might also like the idea of helping others and being part of a decentralised system but 90 percent of people on this site also want to make a few extra bucks for their time too. If we don't self upvote and ONLY rely on others voting us then there becomes little to no incentive to keeping your money in the site and investing it as opposed to powering down. I believe keeping money in right now in whaleshares infancy is VERY helpful for the future of the platform to do so as much as possible. However, I also acknowledge we all have different needs and hopes for the platform and some one might desperately need the money to change their entire life, or put food on the table.

Almost everything I post is original I made it and it took me a lot of time. It's easy to get some images off the internet and share them or some information and slightly reword it. For me that doesn't really add to the site and more and more I am struggling to find original content I want to upvote but I still don't go around making posts about it and judging those people for doing it because I believe in people being allowed to do what they want and if people appreciate it then so be it. It is not my right really to judge what I deem to be valuable to others. I think however, if we all focused on the people calling people out for various things we could find things to pick apart in their profiles too.

There are many ways to abuse a system, those powering down in it's first few months is damaging, those posting stuff thats basically 90 percent copied off the internet and reworded is also damaging as it puts you off wanting to bother using the site, those up-voting those with high voting power just in the hope they will vote them back stops the reward pool being spread and new people getting a chance. Are you really sure you LOVE that post or did you just hope the person would vote you back. I actually believe self up-voting and meeting your own needs first can then help you up-vote others from a purely unconditional place without wanting a thing back from them and focus on producing quality posts.

I want to believe in decentralised social media sites. When it comes to decentralisation, conditions can be set by the creator of (in this instance) whale shares in order to create a new block. Said owner has chosen to allow rewarding oneself as an acceptable means to generate a new post onto the blockchain. Should we really be making our own rules on how we think other people should behave? If we were to really look into many of these people creating said 'rule's' they might be doing things we disagree with. The problem we have with these sites is that it's not so much about how many people agree with the new rules but how much money they have and voting influence/weight. Meaning a few rich people can almost set rules that everyone else has to adhere.... in fear of being 'flagged'. It kind of screams of capitalism and I hark back to an earlier post where I said 'cryptocurrency is only as decentralised as the people who use it.'

I loved whaleshares when I first found it, I have been busy lately and less able to engage but now have some spare days again I have been re engaging with the community. I personally believe we are all here to make some extra money and help others in the process for me that includes posting good quality (in my eyes) posts, self upvoting them (to encourage me to keep as much money as possible invested in whaleshares) and then sharing my rewards with the community on posts I enjoy. If people don't like the way I use the site thats up to them I guess but as they say

'let him who is without sin cast the first stone'

I am genuinely interested to hear other people's views though on this topic and why they so vehemently hate self upvoting and why they think the site was created with the option to do so, not only by voting but just by ticking the box when sharing. I also want to know what encourages people to put their own money in to the site and to invest if they cannot take a dividend?

My actual ideal would be if no one had a voting weight and it was purely about a lot of people liking what you post rather than how much money or power they have having such an influence but I do understand why the system is the way it is because it encourages people to invest and keep their money in the site which, actually self upvoting also does.

I wanted to add a reply I typed to someone on another thread as I do think i explained myself well excuse me for the copy and paste.

If you believe that people investing money into the platform and keeping money in the platform is what makes the site do well then people taking an occasional dividend from their investment I think will encourage people to invest and keep money in and not constantly keep powering down. There is a personal responsibility to add to the community by not over doing it and by not posting loads of rubbish etc and also by only upvoting good quality content and making comments of value. Many things help and don’t help. I wouldn’t even consider putting in my own money in if people are going to be flagging me for things they have some opinion about that to me is the most off putting feature of the whole site personally. There is this guy on steemit called Bernie sanders and all he does is moan about other people and flag them whilst posting zero quality content he to me is a really bad thing for a site as he makes It’s too risky to invest. The word is investing people want to make money on their investment but if they are wise they will also want to add to the community and not take the piss. Yes I have upvoted myself with 3 dollars and also given a hell of a lot of money to other people and curated a a lot I don’t think those figures are accurate tbh above. You only need to look down my shares to see what I add with the money I have generated which so far is not very much. Whilst people go around judging people
For their actions when they are actually giving as much as they are taking to the site then I don’t believe they are making it a safe place for investors.

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