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(Ulog + SteemJet): Did You Know You Can Be Doing This To Further Enjoy Whaleshares & While Reshaping The Internet & The World Altogether? (Ulogs.org Will Play Out "Communities").

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Ulogs.org will play out "communities" before the actual birth  of Hivemind. By means of ulog-subtags, ulog-communities will emanate.  With ulogs.org it is "true celebrity-hood for "everyone" once and for  all". This means that you won't need to ask for it; at the very least, ulogs.org with constitute your ultimate "true fan" and will try to stir a community of "true fans" your way. 

We will stir further community by uniting projects. Instead  of competition, we have a means to integrating every steem project in  and rebirth every existing hashtag in the world and on steem and this  will play out on ulogs.org

While you ulog, do well to share your ulogs with family and friends even though they are not yet steemians.  

Share this ulogs on every wall, online and offline, home and abroad. Let's create an appeal for "human".


About #ulog-steemjet

 “Blockchain technology will become more than just another tech, only by means of our own shine”. @surpassinggoogle 

#ulog-steemjet: is the Ulog-subtag for (Ulog + SteemJet)

When you add #ulog to any existing concept etc an existing concept suddenly turns out all fresh. 

@steemjet is timelyly-placed to take steem and each thing that blockchain represents into outer-space and back down-to-earth; then, right inside every “tunnel”.  It is applying the spanless beauty of “human” to this effect. It is creating a world of “brothers”

@steemjet simply spurs the art of dream-building. In the broad scheme of things, it brings light right inside tunnels, by empowering "anyone" to build a noble dream. No longer do many have to wait to get to the "end of the tunnel". This is world-adjusting. 

They have supported "dreams" on the steem blockchain, by means of donations, curation, mentality-adjusting and actual community; "true fan-hood" 

By ulogging under #ulog-steemjet, you can give back, emulate their enterprise, be "true fan", reach out, share  experiences, give feedback, give suggestions, create ulogacies, grow etc

Yes, on ulogs.org you can be "true fans" of enterprises, communities, initiatives etc and in this case, you can be "true fans" of @steemjet 

@steemjet may not ask for a "give-back" but with ulogs.org, it is "true celebrity-hood for 'everyone', once and for all".  

To post a Ulog under #ulog-steemjet, simply use This Editor. Make sure to use the more popular "#ulog" as your 1st hashtag & "#ulog-steemjet" as your 2nd hashtag. You can then add other hashtags e.g #steemjet, "your location" etc. Don't forget to add "(Ulog + SteemJet):" somewhere IN-TITLE. See sample:

  • (Ulog + Steemjet): "I Just Found Myself, Thanks To @steemjet". [TAGS-ORDER: #ulog, #ulog-steemjet etc.]
  • (Ulog + SteemJet): How I Spent My Today As A SpaceForcer. [TAGS-ORDER: #ulog, #ulog-steemjet etc.]
  • (Ulog + SteemJet): Applying Steem Technology To More "Wreck-It-Ralph Use. My SteemJet Suggestion! [TAGS-ORDER: #ulog, #ulog-steemjet etc.]

Become "true fans"! Visit #ulog-steemjet daily, to curate, engage, support, contribute etc! Join its community on Discord & Telegram.

Verified/Certified @uloggers who oversee #ulog-steemjet currently:


Special Note

We implore to kindly use ulogs.org in the art of ulogging. We truly want you to love ulogs.org and what it represents. We want you to be an active part of ups-&-downs and its stories and histories.  We want to create a world of "true celebrities" in the form of certified uloggers. Together, we want to emanate "great men and women", each of which can empower generations. These things and more! We would also love you to do your #untalented &   #teardrops posts, using these ulogs.org editors:  

Your boy Terry  @surpassinggoogle  

Kindly vote for the "steemgigs" witness. 

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and upvote "steemgigs" or simply click Here to do it on one click!  

 If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.  

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