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I Came Here with Nothing And I Found All Of You! Thoughts On What Lies Ahead

trucklifefamilyPosted to Public3 months ago3 min read


I came to this platform with nothing, well besides my personality and my passions. But I came here knowing just a few folk from steemit, but with nothing in the way of WLS or community. I was curious to see what this platform was like and I must say I became impressed very early on.

I wrote my posts, commented on others and started to connect with some of the wonderful folk on here. Then @immortal-tongue invited me to become a part of the twelve initiative and it felt good to be a part of a community. Not long after that I got involved in the Beast and that really helped me connect with folk. What a wonderful initiative that is, thank you @lexiwitness you rock.

Next thing I was getting to know the @scribbleguild community and really enjoyed hanging out in their discord channel, in was in there that I had my first go at spoken word, damn I was so nervous, but I loved it and all the wonderful people that where part of the show. Then I became a part of @moonbase and once again I got to connect with some awesome folk and have a lot of fun along the way, The Devastator curation show being a firm favourite.

Then came the pods and the start of Apostrophe a community for writers whose aim is to help one another, improve their writing skills.I was very excited to become a part of it. I have joined a few other pods and even set up my own with @samstonehill, the @naturalmedicine pod. But then my life got hectic, as it does being a single mama of 3 wild and amazing girls. Some technical issues with the pods and things really quieten down around here.

But as I already stated, I came here not knowing what to expect and what I found was an awesome bunch of people that are my Whaleshares family and they are all so deliciously diverse and unique. It really is still early days for this platform and I am super happy to be here and to continue doing what I have always done, to connect and build up this community so that we can support one another.

Sure how we do that is changing somewhat, but we still can and that is what it is all about. I came here with nothing and I found all of you and that is why I am not going anywhere. So lets get our Fork On xxxxxx


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