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I am nothing if I do not embrace them all! - My Poetry, My Words, My Image.

trucklifefamilyPosted to Friends8 months ago2 min read


It washes over me
the hollowness
the weight of all that went before

Hidden inside the dreams
that once lay bare upon the floor
I can not ignore this feeling anymore
this taunting that leaves scars under my skin
the rise and fall
brings me back to the beginning again!

Constant thoughts of disillusion
trapped within this fragment, of who I once was,
carrying my ego on shards of glass
I weep openly now, as I bow beneath the wings that carried me forth

The light comes rushing in,
I lay blinded by the truth
trying to comprehend
the waves of remorse and broken visions
scattered and discarded

fall upon me
recognition bites at my heels
I lie in wait,
I am prepared to create ,
to summon up the many pieces that came undone.

This version of me
this shell that lies upon the floor
it weaves through time and magic
it echos ,
as it never did before!

the many pieces that make up the whole
I am nothing if I do not embrace them all!

Yes that is me in the image, a photo I took inside a tree and then altered with Deep Dream Generator


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