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Full Moon Musings

trucklifefamilyPosted to Public4 months ago4 min read


The last full moon of the decade and the wind howls outside my truck. The sheer force of it rocks my home, reminding me of the power that it holds. Every now and again I can hear the sound of olives falling on to my roof.

I venture outside to get some water and the wind hits me, blowing the remnants of the past few weeks away. It feels like a cleansing and a blessing. A final shake off, of what I have endured.

It certainly feels as though everything has been raised to the surface, so many things exposed and brought to our awareness. Where do we go now, what direction do we take? Each of us, must now make a decision.

Life is full of choices and we create our world by the choices we make. The direction that our days flow in, are a result of the choices we make. This is where our role of creators begins, at the beginning of each new day!

Being exposed to the force of nature, really helps to put things in perspective. The wind forces me to be present, to bring my focus to the here and now. To look at what I am doing and the direction I am going. How many times a day are we fully present.

Our thoughts so often take us on merry rides, leading us down windy roads, where we can easily get lost amongst the tall shadows that impede our view. We get pulled in so many different directions, with so many different things needing our attention.
All the while, steering us away from being present.


I stand with the full force of the wind upon me, I close my eyes and hear it howl down the valley. I feel so alive and so connected and so very small in the grand scheme of things, a blip upon this earth.

But a blip that can make a difference, that can create wave and that can get shit done. All because I choose to do so. Because I choose to now focus, on what I can do and not on what I have not yet done.

We hold ourselves back because of the many insecurities that we have developed, because of the world that was created by the hands of us all. Of course there are those who were more instrumental in how the world stands today, but we still choose the part we play.

To engage or dis engage, to build or destroy. To ignore or spread awareness, it all lies with us. We can spend our days, convincing ourselves that nothing we do will make a difference, we can spend our days looking the other way, whilst others suffer. Or we can make the decision to be pro active, to do some thing positive everyday.

Start small if you wish, start by smiling at all those people that you meet. Choose to see the abundance that surrounds you, choose to engage with your environment in a positive way. Send little ripples out into the world.

Focus on what you can do! Do not deny yourself the power you hold, to bring about change.

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