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©2019 - Nobody

I am writing out my innermost demons
And I will write till there is none left
Nothing of me, nothing of monsters
Not even a shell left for Earth to reclaim

I have lived a million lives
Always on my Earth
I have lived and for brief moments
There is a glimpse of light

This time however
This time I was born with a broken soul
I do not want to fight
I am tired

I opened up but a crevice
And it blinded me with the most light
I lived and I lost
A thousand lives in my young age

Every night a part of a new story
Tens of lives passing me by
Of war, of murder, of fight
Of love, of light, of hope

But bright is not common in me
I haven't been useful and I can not be
For I do not want to for I do not care
To move on from my place ever again

All that is left is for my father to take
To reclaim an empty shell
Of a being tired and lost
Intertwined in her own bloating


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