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Andreas Antonopoulos: The bitcoin ‘Jesus’

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It was bitcoin’s tenth years anniversary yesterday and many were excited, not only due to the joy the concept of digital currencies have brought them but also for the excitement and the added knowledge which involvement in the digital currency investment has brought them. Early investors in bitcoin who held their hopes high and never sold off their assets in a rush should all be real time cryptocurrency moguls, investments of about 200$ in bitcoins on 2008 would be worth over a million dollars presently and about three times that figure in December 2017.

Many strategists have been credited for the growth of digital currencies as more and more coins and tokens with tangible worths keeps flooding the cryptocurrency market and unlike ten years ago, an investor has a wide array of cryptocurrency projects to engage himself in and expect awesome gains as the business is a developing one though hitting a remarkable peak in late 2017 and early 2018 and going down drastically after this period of time.

Many analyst have salvaged the reputation of this trade and has convinced many real-time billionaires to invest greatly in this project, a decision they wouldn’t regret making, there are price analyst, distribution observers and witnesses, buyers and seller, but there’s one man whose picture is a bit different from these…

Andreas Antonopoulos!; Born on 1972, the forty six (46) years old Greet bitcoin advocate has spend some reasonable part of his career life talking about bitcoins, yes, I mean talking, just talking!. Being involved in the early days of bitcoins and digital currencies, one would expect Andreas to be a cryptocurrency whale, but no, Andreas Antonopoulos sold his stakes on bitcoins on 2013 to clear his debts, but guess what? That didn’t stop him from talking about and promoting the project which he saw much potentials in, he hosted several television shows and authored several businesses write ups, all centred on bitcoins and digital currencies, even though he has none of these at most points of his life.

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Antonopoulos abandoned his job as a freelance consultant in 2012 just to concentrate on his bitcoin adventures, hosting the lets talk bitcoin podcast and teaching about digital currencies in the University of Nicosia, Greece, he served as the head of the bitcoin foundation’s anti-poverty committee, a role which he resigned from in 2014 with claims of lack of transparency in the team, he continued his adventure, speaking against trading platforms which he saw as unhealthy for the development of bitcoin and also working as the chief security officer for blockchain.info, this role he quit on September 2014, barely seven months after taking this role, one of his popular audacious moments was facing Canadian senators and advising them against the regulation of bitcoin distribution as the technology was yet to be understood by many.

Despite these services for the currency, Andreas had NO bitcoins, and had barely paid off his debts, as a reward for his services, bitcoin investors following his works rewarded him with over a hundred bitcoins on December 2017 around the period of bitcoin boom, this amounts to over 1.3million US$, a gift which left him dumbfounded, Andreas continues his adventure on bitcoin and is a call to investors and enthusiast to uphold the currencies with they hold and also spread their information across to ensure the mainstay of digital currencies.

Happy tenth year anniversary to bitcoin investors

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