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How to avoid that hope escapes us?

tiotano2 months ago4 min read

I thank God, for allowing, through this community to spread the word of the Bible. I ask the Lord many blessings for this group that honors him. I invite you to watch the video that I show you at the end, it explains where Christ is, when injustice, evil happens.


Many people say that the hopeful is a useful fool, because he gets tired of waiting and never comes what was expected, even keeping it, in a constant struggle for the achievement of the dream called hope. Today we see, how humanity intensifies its performance, the cruelest news of man against man, they become so common that even the thought is left blank, because you do not know what to think before so much evil that man is capable. We are horrified by such cruelty, as killing without mercy, cruelty against defenseless beings such as children, the elderly, every day we wake up with world news that leave us impacted, such as terrorist attacks, pedophilia, incest, abortion, persecution, and many other situations. painful. All these things generate doubts and many wonder why God allows such physical aberrations. Why do not you put your hand to end this whole situation? All these ideas that come out are stealing the hope of a life of peace, love, tranquility. Then, faced with so much uncertainty, pain, sadness, how can we prevent hope from escaping us?

Allow me a reflection of teaching learning: God created the good world, with it the man with positive qualities of love, peace, understanding, friendship, others, both for his fellow men and for himself, but this one is contaminated (Adam, Eve temptation), becomes a being, full of negative behaviors, bad feelings, resentments, hatred, jealousy, ambition, which has been transmitted from generation to generation.

God created the "good" world (Genesis 1:31); and loved him exceedingly (John 3:16); he gave his authority to the human being (Genesis 1: 26-31, Psalm 115: 16); that by obeying the old serpent (Revelation 12: 9 and 20: 2); handed over the dominion of this world to satan - Luke 4: 6. For now, the world is under the evil one, the prince of the world - 1 John 5:19, John 14:30. However, in the Millennial reign of Christ (Revelation 20) that will change. This world will come to an end (2 Peter 3: 10,12, Matthew 28:20, Matthew 24:35, Isaiah 34: 4). And God will create new heavens and a new earth (Revelation 21).

I was recently reading about Greek mythology, where Zeus created a woman named Pandora, with great gifts but very curious. Zeus gives Pandora a box with instructions not to open it under any circumstances. Due to her curiosity, Pandora opens the box and in doing so, she escapes all the ills of the world from within. When Pandora managed to close the box, only hope was caught. Hence the expression arises: hope is the last thing that is lost. I would say that this saying manifests in spiritual terms that hope leads to faith, perhaps Pandora kept the faith that at some point he will collect all the evils and put them back into the box. This symbolism will take you to wisdom.

Knowing that the test of your faith produces patience.
James 1: 3 | RVR60

Our hope is in Christ

May on this day, renew your hope in the Holy One of Israel, the strong rock that never fails and that is God for ever and ever. May their power and love renew your strength and rise like the eagles one more day. May your dreams go back and be fulfilled, for the glory of God and the expansion of his kingdom.

And not only this, but we also rejoice in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces patience, and patience, testing, and testing, hope, and hope does not shame, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit that was given to us "(Romans 5: 3-5)



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