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PHOTOS: Following the route of the Sun

tiotano2 months ago2 min read

by road, the sky was very clear and I could see the intensity of the sun's rays all the way from Monagas to Barcelona-Venezuela, I managed during the trajectory to take several photographic images of the sun. I commented that they were taken with a camera of low resolution, however, the pleasure of chasing the sun kept me excited because there were parts of the road that we were away from him and in others it seemed that if we ran a little more what we would reach Next, I share several photographs, the same place, but with different approaches due to the distance and natural relief of the area covered.

In this first photograph, it is observed, a characteristic landscape of little elevated reliefs and of sparse vegetation, the sky is clear, in the distance the rays of the sun illuminate the landscape, and that we will surely see it later in the journey.

We have already traveled several kilometers, and in front of the car that is in motion, the imposing sun faces the power of vision. The photo was taken through the front glass, it was impossible to stop, then, the road is very narrow and full of danger.

At another distance, the sun begins to decline,

It's approximately 5:30 in the afternoon and even the energy of the sun was dazzling, but in itself, he was preparing to tell us later.

The distance, the relief and the vegetation were his accomplices, they hid it, to stop being seen.

And finally, the sun arrives at its destination and we too, with gratitude to God for allowing us to make a trip full of emotions in contact with Nature.




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