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A rebellious young man is a prodigal son?.

tiotanolast month3 min read
It is quite true that today the struggle against the anti-values ​​exposed by some social factors is hard to limit, so it becomes necessary a spiritual formation, in order to strengthen the behavior of young people who put their eyes on the pleasure and vanity.

They say that all times are the same and that only changes character. Apparently the behavior defines the facts of the moment. Today I want to reflect on the rebellion of some young people today, as a common cause according to psychologists when it comes to drawing attention to certain issues in the home, and that's when problems arise such as: aggressiveness, depression, bad friends, consumption of drugs, prostitution, others. Normally, this scenario occurs in households where the material factor predominates as the main resource in the formation of children, with the aim of obtaining a position or social distinction. It is also taught in this type of home, literally to believe in a God of protection that gives everything and even a social status, without considering the spiritual values ​​(harmony, truth, charity, faith and hope) as a source which translates into the good behavior that develops throughout life, in order to be worthy children of God.

Undoubtedly, the parents of troubled youngsters live in anguish over the assumed behavior of their children, who vent their feelings by escaping from the reality that presumably harms them.,

submerging in a fantasy world that goes against the moral principles established by society. Many are the young people who go in search of a freedom submerging in a debauchery.

The Bible tells us a story of the teachings of Christ, in it, it offers us a lesson that is still valid for us today. The story is found in the Gospel of Luke .15: 11-32.
A father had two children, and when the child came of age, he asked him to give him his share of the inheritance. The father grants his request and soon his son leaves for another country, where he squanders his wealth with a sumptuous way of life in which he wastes and makes all kinds of unnecessary expenses.
After he has squandered all his money, he barely manages to survive with a job in which he took care of pigs. Hungry and penniless, he begins to reconsider. He decides to go back to his father and apologize for his foolish behavior. He expects his father to accept him as only one of his servants. To his surprise, and the displeasure of his older brother, his father welcomes his youngest son, with a great celebration.

Jesus is using this story to teach us of the love that God the Father has for each of his children. And while we have all been sinners, as was the prodigal son, it is comforting, comforting, and yes, it is almost incomprehensible that God the Father be willing to accept us back, given the mistakes we have made.

It is evident that every father forgives, and longs for suffering, love, the return of his son. PRODIGO



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