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The Best Equipment For YouTube/Twitch (even Threespeak/any other crypto Youtube site)

thevarietyartistPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 months ago4 min read

I tried posting on 3speak and it failed to encode so I am going to post on YT. The Best Today's video will be about the best equipment for Youtube/twitch or even if you make videos for Threespeak. My rule of thumb is you don't need expensive gear

This is the gear I use for my Youtube channel. I suggest it because it's simple to use affordable. Overall I am happy with the results and how it increases my production (meaning fewer technical issues that delayed getting a series out like the game being louder than me, video out of focus, etc longer editing times, etc) I will link the blog posts therefore if there is something I forgot to mention, then there is a blog post with more information

For my mic, I use the blue snowball and the upgraded condenser mic. I got it for 30 something bucks around the holidays in 2020. I added some clips of the raw audio from the snowball from past live streams.
Link: https://gamingwithjazz.com/blue-snowball-ice-mic-review/

If you're going to do gaming videos, I suggest a capture card because with PS4's recorder (using the PS4 since that's what I own) I can't record PS now games with the PS4's recorder, I have no way to monitor my audio which sometimes resulted in the game being louder than me thus having to re-record. Transferring my footage from the console on a flash drive was a pain because depending on how many videos I had and the file size, it took forever to transfer. With a capture card and OBS, you can save the footage right to your computer

For headphones, you can use earbuds if you want to. I intended to insert a clip (unaired video) where I unboxed the headphones but it seems I forgot to split the b-roll gameplay.

For music, I suggest paying for a subscription site. If you use free music on YouTube at any time the artist can change their terms which will result in ID match claims on your videos. I use Tubebuddy. if you have a paid subscription, they come with many perks such as discounts on music subscriptions
Link to my Tubebuddy review: https://gamingwithjazz.com/a-review-of-tubebuddy/

You don't need a webcam if you don't want to do face cam videos. I still would consider if you want to unbox and review things. It will be easier for the viewer to trust you if they see you using the said item. If you do want a webcam for your face cam I picked up a cheap webcam that gave me amazing quality. Make sure to update your drivers to keep your stuff functioning.
Link to my webcam unboxing: https://gamingwithjazz.com/bugdet-webcam-unboxing/

I use OBS to record. It's free. You need a decent computer to run it though. If you want shorter render times for your videos, I suggest looking into a good computer. It doesn't need to be super powerful. I use wondershare filmora for editing. You can use it for a low-end computer.

If you want to make videos on your phone, I suggest you get an external phonemic. When I made videos on my phone the common complaint I got was the audio. I suggest a lavalier mic. Although I am a gaming channel. Maybe you want to review games and record them on your phone. I mean record your review.
Link to my review of the lav mic: https://gamingwithjazz.com/lavalier-microphone-unboxing/

Soon I will have a what's in my camera bag blog post/video. I may post the video on YT and unlist it for my blog and then do a separate upload for Three speak. (or if I'm having issues with 3speak, upload it to YT and embed the link)
A blog post listing my gear: https://gamingwithjazz.com/the-best-equipment-for-youtube/

that's the equipment that I recommend.

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