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Retiring from crypto blogging... possibly

thevarietyartistPosted for Everyone to comment on, 10 months ago3 min read

I joined these blogging sites back in 2017 due to unemployment. At the time when I just had mental health issues, working from home gave me freedom, I felt like I had control. At first, I struggled to earn. I only pulled a few cents which made it hard to get my mom to understand why I needed to work from home.
In 2021 the Sbd price was high enough to where it pulled me ou of financial ruin. In April 2022, they stopped sbd in rewards and gave Steem instead. Along with having to give my grandma 125 of my already limited funds for a new heating/AC.

I've struggled. Couldn't help my grandma with car repairs oil changes and the sticker (states have a law that your car needs a sticker to drive it) ran out of money before the month finished. I am tired of putting so much time into these platforms just for my earnings to dip and nothing I do brings them back up. It burns me out having to post more to make up for the loss. The lower the dip, the more I have to post.
I am thinking about retiring. I won't just bail on the site. I'd only use it to promote my business/content. I simply won't invest as much time and instead, invest time into Facebook since I am monetized on that. YT recently lowered their requirements to unlock memberships and super chat, and my channels are not too far from the sub count.

I still need to post somewhat so I still have some funds in case Facebook demonetizes me.
Videos I make for threespeak may instead be for Kofi/Patreon supporters. Once a week viewers get one free post that doesn't require a subscription to view early or unlock.

Blog posts from my blog will still be posted since I added a plug-in that publishes to here.
Your support will allow me to "retire sooner' and I need to pick up at least 4 more strong monetization methods. These sites are no longer sustainable (video coming soon for 3speak) where I will explain more.

content creation is the only job that allows me the flexibility to accommodate flare-ups, recharge from burnout, and more.
I will have a video on 3peak where I can properly explain that's coming soon
Being a disabled/chronically ill creator, this site allows me the flexibility to work from home, take time off for flare-ups etc. seeing my earnings drop like the Titanic and nothing I do brings them up caused me so much stress

I will have more posts about this coming soon.

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