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Redbubble Just SCREWED OVER Small Artists ||VEDA 22

thevarietyartistPosted for Everyone to comment on, 11 months ago

I came across a tweet talking about changes Redbubble, a Print On Demand shop, is
adding. They are putting shops in tiers based on how many sales you can pull. I read the email i got and
their article in the video so you need to watch the video to see this. It seems like
they are penalizing small artists for struggling to get sales. If Redbuubble was losing money,
they could simply raise the prices of their items or something, instead of screwing over small
I reopened a Tee Spring shop I opened back in 2016. Check it out I am slowly adding new items

redbubble hates small artists.png

threespeak video

I opened up a shop on Teespring

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