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living on my blog earnings challenge (everyday im struggling}|| VEDA Day 19 Unlisted

thevarietyartistPosted for Everyone to comment on, 5 days ago2 min read

Since having to give my grandma 125 dollars a month to pay off the heating system, it's been harder rationing my money. I am a chronically ill creator. I collect disability. You only get so much a month. At times I've run low pretty early in the month and had to live off of my blog earnings for the rest of the month. At first, I got a good chunk from Steemit and I combined what I got from Steemit and Hive. Back in April instead of getting SBD and SP, I was getting Steem and SP. the STEEM price is pretty low. I am struggling and scrambling to compensate for the revenue I lost.

A link to watch the video

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discord submit ideas on what you want me to make a video about
I aim for
gaming news
gaming memes
lets plays

I also want to mention with Patreon you're not just forking over $ you join a sub-tier for benefits (in my case I air my videos early and exclusive content)

here are some blog posts I made on my old Wordpress blog explaining my struggle

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