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If my posts seem low quality sometimes, its writers block not lack of effort

thevarietyartistPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

This may make more sense if you watch the video. A platform where people write blog posts and I've yet to see a single mod/whale be
understanding of writer's block if my posts didn't have what they should.
This video is a heads up about the struggles I have with thinking of what to say in my posts
When I share my travel videos, it's easier to explain what's in the video than
what is not in the video. One of the mods in the haveyoubeenhere group
flagged my post. I could only gather they assumed I did that on purpose.
If they had reached out to me, I would have explained. What if most low-quality posts
aren't on purpose, but because the person hits a block and the juices
stop flowing. You will never know just assuming they did the post like
that on purpose and flagging their posts rather than reaching out. This also shows why I am glad downvotes are not on here and Blurt.

(this was originally for 3speak sometimes I forget to change the lines) I don't realize it until later. I still feel everyone who curates my post should be aware of my blocks. I cannot figure out how to embed videos from 3speak on here
so you won't think the post is low-quality on purpose but I struggled to describe the video/photo and maybe the person can give me advice.
garbage-3259455_1920 (1).jpg
-Image is from Pixabay
Watch on 3speak: https://3speak.tv/watch?v=aaliyahholt/octclmcr

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