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I'm stupid

thevarietyartistPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago3 min read

Why do I say this? It's because I let a guy scam me. Here is the story
A supporter wanted to tip me because they like my content. This is on Facebook. When they send their tip, I got an email from Paypal that the transaction is pending until I get a redeem code worth $50. I am not too familiar with Paypal nor their fees. Maybe it depends on the amount or the type of account? Idk. The first sign I should have looked at was the email PayPal send.
Paypal's emails always have their logo. This email about a 'transaction fee' didn't have Paypal's logo. I felt the guy wanted to tip me because they enjoy my content on my pages.

Another thing that should have grabbed my suspicion is the 'redeem code' I have never heard of Paypal asking for redeeming codes for transactions. As far as I know, fees are deducted from the money you're sent depending on the sender's country. I even looked in on their fees and saw no mention of needing a redeem code.
first time: The guy said the code was invalid
the second time: Got an error trying to redeem the code on Steam (which also should have screamed scam) Steam has nothing to do with Paypal unless you make purchases using Paypal.
There are things we need. We need a snowblower and I figured what the guy will send could help me save up for one. Also gotta start saving for a new A/C unti etc.
then the third time was asking for personal info like if have a car (I'd assume he wanted the model etc)
Paypal NEVER asks for personal info. I mean they need your SSN for taxes but they don't need personal info for sending money, they just need the email you used to make the account. All that asking for information then coming and telling me to get another code.

The email should have screamed scam. This guy needed me to buy the first code could have screamed scam. Paying someone to get a tip should have screamed a scam. It's like paying to get a job
I am dumb for believing him. He sends screenshots of people who got their money from him. How do I know he didn't fake the reviews? I should have stopped to think the reviews could be fake. It's easy to rip a photo online and you can use apps to fake text messages and reviews.
I gotta work overtime making content to make back the money I was scammed out of. It is my fault I lost that money. But the guy was being shady. Paypal never asks for redeeming codes
What's done is done but at least I know now and I can use this as a learning experience. Being neurodivergent, I do not pick up on social cues well. He found me on my Facebook so that means he came across a few autism posts. Some signs were obvious that he's ripping me off. But trying to take advantage of a vulnerable person is grotesque.

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