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Everyday Im Strugglin'

thevarietyartistPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 months ago2 min read

The mess with Hive hasn't been easy. Due to the accounts that were voting my posts being fake, my earnings took another hit I could not afford. I used to learn way more on Hive. I think people caught on before I did about the fake accounts, assumed I made the accounts to cheat and stopped engaging with my posts because no one likes a cheater.
I collected the last of my HBD before the 17th of the last month and I am barely at 5 HBD. I am a chronically ill creator and content creation provides me with so much flexibility.

I am going to link ways you can support me and help me out. If you are unable to offer monetary support, just upvote and share this post
If you can offer monetary support, watch my reels on Facebook
Facebook pays you depending on the amount of watches you get

support me on kofi
, you will get early access

I have a kofi page, and you can get early access to my content, exclusive BTS
exclusive teaser list of game moves coming out etc

Kofi is not a gofundme. I offer a product or service for you to join for.

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