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End Of Summer Trip// Travel Vlog

thevarietyartistPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago3 min read

Wow. Our first travel vlog since the epidemic got bad. The last trip I took
was in 2019. Taking an end-of-summer trip back to Jericho, AR for my

grandmother's 100th birthday party. I took this as a chance to

have more footage therefore I can explain more in my video.

At the start, I explained these things while waiting for my uncle

to pick up me and my grandpa. This was travel with only

19 bucks in my bank account.

I like having these talks with the audience while waiting for the ride to pick

us up.

It was an 8-hour drive. Illinois is a huge stateand it takes 3-4 hours just to

hit Southern IL.

I did a speedlapes while on the road and did a little talking when stopping for

food/gas/the bathroom. We stopped at a truck stop for gas/the bathroom.

They're usually connected to an eatery and also have a shower

(for those real long road trips)

We left at like 6am.

I call visiting the same state over and over "living large"

although you would frequently visit the country/state/town you/your

folks are from frequently as well.

Sorry today's VEDA video is late. The upload speed is horse crap.

I got some shots of the landscapes. The summer scapes especally. When

I came for the spring trip the crops had just started growing. The fall trip

the summer crops withered. Although there's food that grows in the fall.

The land is nice. NO more shaky footage

now that I have a selfie stick and my phone

has a stabilizer bulit-on it (which makes the speedlapes shots easier.

It was cool weather wise when we left Chicago, once we hit the deep

souther IL, it got hot.

We stopped at a rest stop. Nothing really but the bathroom. I mean

the bathoom is good but I thought there would be a little

louge on the inside for people who don't wanna bake in the sun.

Maybe some wifi. Wouldn't it be fun if I could update this blog while traveling.

After about 30 miles from the rest stop, we finally crossed into MO.

My uncle has a car that will nag you to stop if you drive for

a certain amount of time.

after 8-hours we finally made it. My folks live right by a railroad

track. The train is no problem because im a railfan but

just not use to a blaring horn all night long. My town has no-horn

zones. honestly think about these things before you move near a train


There was a little cookout that I went to after I got in. I didn't get any videos of that

just more landscape footage

on the way. It was too dark to vlog on the way back.

I did a closing statement for this vlog. If you want to walk at night here, you need a flashlight that can light up a parking lot.

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