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Blocktrades No Longer Allowing US Folks To Trade On The Platform

thevarietyartistPosted for Everyone to comment on, 7 months ago

I am broke so I decided to do a trade of my Hive. I saw a message on blocktrades
saying due to some 'changes' in the US, they will not allow US peeps to trade on the
platform. Iomy's fees are too high and I end up losing more money using them.
Because Steemit stopped SBD in the rewards for an unknown amount of time, I am going to
struggle even harder now. I am monetized on Facebook. However, they don't
pay me at least, until the 22nd. Even a reshare of my kofi or art store could
help me get a sale/supporter. I have another video coming up explaining
why content creation is the only job I can do.
Link tree has all of my links so its easier to add that.
Never put your eggs in one basket. I never wanted to do that. Its hard as hell to start a gig,
get supporters/sales, etc
when you are a small creator

I have crypto donations enabled on these videos. I added my Bitcoin wallet. It would only
let me add one wallet.


threespeak video

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