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Official Open Mic Contest On WhaleShares Is NOW OPEN For Submissions!!

thebugiqPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago3 min read

Official Open Mic #1 On WhaleShares!!


The Official Open Mic Contest Account is up and running!!


Welcome to the first WhaleShares Official Open Mic Singing Contest!

For the first week I will be allowing early submissions of your first Open Mic performance

SO!! You can start submitting NOW!! :)

Contest runs from NOW until Until Friday October 26th 11:59PM UTC!!


The WhaleShares platform is relatively new so there is no way of knowing how many entries we will have. I will reserve the right to carry the contest over for another week or two if needed.


I am purposely naming this first open mic contest #1 in case it takes a little longer to get people up to speed here!

I have always loved playing open mics out in the real world and have often met many incredible people and amazing musicians. (Not always the same thing! lol)

Follow the rules carefully! In order to be eligible for prizes, your song submission must appear exclusively on WhaleShares open mic!

Have fun! Sing your heart out!

The @OpenMicContest is Proudly Powered by @FreedomExists' WhaleCoin and @Seveaux's AIRPLAY Token powered by @TheJukeBox

We are coming out of the gate roaring and will be starting off with huge prizes thanks to @FreedomExists and @Seveaux!

They are graciously providing weekly prizes for the @OpenMicContest!

These are very powerful coins. Each coin represents a 1% vote from @FreedomExists and @TheJukeBox whale accounts. Prizes will be given at the end of the contest period, and the winners will receive upShares on their entry post.

So, a huge WhaleShares Thank You! To @FreedomExists and @Seveaux!!

whalecoin small.png

and @Seveaux’s @The-JukeBox AIRPLAY Token


Prizes will be awarded after winners are chosen and I will do my best to spread the love!


Contest Rules [This Week's Random Entry Word is: HugBoss!]

  1. Create a single take, continuous video performing an original, or cover song which must include a YouTube link. (Feel free to also upload to other platforms.)

  2. Be sure to clearly state Official WhaleShares Open Mic Contest, the contest week number, your WhaleShares name, and the random contest entry word of the week! Contest Random Entry Word of the week is HugBoss!! Simply say, this entry is for WhaleShares Open Mic #1, I am TheBugIQ and this week's Entry word is HugBoss. (then off you go singing!)

  3. Include Open Mic Contest in your post title.

  4. Use openmiccontest as your first tag and openmic as your second tag

  5. Upvote this post.

  6. Post your OpenMicContest link and your BTS wallet address in the comments below.

  7. Only performances exclusive to the WhaleShares Open Mic Contest are accepted for this contest.

  8. Submit your entry from Sunday at 6PM UTC to the cutoff each week on Friday at 11:59PM UTC.

  9. Accepted performances consist of singing. Not spoken word such as rap lyrics. Originals, covers, accompanied or a cappella are acceptable.

If you have any questions you can ask them in the comments or DM me. I will reply to your comment here, or in DM.

@FreedomExists @Seveaux @johnskotts @djlethalskillz @atomcollector @dbread @gibber @betania @krazykrista

Many thanks to @PoeticSnake for her wonderful artwork for this contest!!

Many thanks to my friend Sara for her wonderful work on my fun gifs! Sweden is lucky to have you!

©Open Mic Contest images


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