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A Proposed Code Change To The Self Voting System On WhaleShares ~ By TheBugIQ

thebugiq3 months ago3 min read

A Proposed Code Change To The Self Voting System On WhaleShares ~ By TheBugIQ

So, I have been navigating these WhaleShares waters for about two months now and I have been navigating Steemit since January of 2018. I’m not sure I would call myself a seasoned sailor yet, but I have a few nautical miles on me by now.


A lot has changed online since I began my blockchain journey. I’ve spent way more time at it than I intended to. I doubt I am alone in that. I made many more friends than I thought I would. Lost a few that I didn’t think I would. Made some family ties that I wasn’t expecting to.

The reality is that I see a legitimate opportunity on WhaleShares for many people to realize the dream of an offline life that is paid for by their online life.

Without serious and significant change, and a bold willingness to act. None of those dreams will be possible, in my opinion.

We need a new compass bearing on WhaleShares and we need it today.


It’s time to clean up our house. We’re expecting company.



Starting today I am beginning the process of suggesting that we work together as a community to build support for limited self voting.

Currently, there is nothing in place in the code to prevent anyone from self voting an unlimited number of times.

I am proposing the following:

  • Three 100% Self Votes Maximum per day (24 hour period)

By all means call them Shares if you like the idea of someone sharing with themselves

  • The Fourth Self vote in a 24 hour period will be 25% of your UpShare power
  • Subsequent Self Votes within the same 24 hour period will be 0% of your stake
  • Remove the automatic Self Vote option. A decision like that should never be automated
  • Remove the ability to Self Vote within the first 15 min to spread curation rewards to the smaller accounts

For too long blockchain communities have sat idle, throwing up their hands saying, ‘There’s technically no wrong doing here, the code allows it.’

Change the code. Change the code. Change the code. Change the code.

Can you hear this community chanting that? Demanding change from the grass roots up? I sure can.

Is this something the community wants to get behind?


Is this something that will happen without conflict? I doubt that very much.

The mistake that many people have made on and off of WhaleShares, is that they think Whalers are sheep getting sucked into another make-believe version of Steemit. Maybe, just maybe, we are not the sheep people think we are.

Maybe, just maybe, most of us are, in fact, a group of battle hardened blockchain veterans who are tired of the same old same old. Maybe we really are the change that we want here on WhaleShares.


I have seen trending posts about Love and holding hands and singing Kumbaya together, while being sure to have no conflict, because we sure don’t want to be like those other people constantly fighting.


That’s like being on a battleship in the middle of the ocean and the galley is on fire and no one wants to fight the fire. It’s fiiiiiine. You worry too much.

I don’t want to fight with anybody, but I won’t be silent when I think improvements that make sense are possible.

I more than believe in that possibility. Do you?


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