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Today is one of those down days that is an equipment day. After having several cables fail, I realized I needed something much better than I have been using. Even though they were the highest end cables I could find they were just not up to the road standard that I require as a tough, high quality tool.

When I plug something in, it needs to work. Failure is not an option. I often carry more than one of the same cable and often carry an entire backup system if I am travelling long distances. It is far far better to interrupt a show for a few minutes to switch out some failed gear than to have to cancel a show because there is nothing to replace the failed gear with.

In this case, I paid $100 to have a custom cable made for my own needs and I was happy to pay every penny of it. This single cable is responsible for carrying all of the sound I am producing from my mixer to my sound system.

Buy good gear,

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