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On The Edge ~ Blade Talk

thebugiqlast month2 min read

SAK farmer.jpg

Today we are taking a look at the humble Swiss Army Knife commonly referred to as SAK.

I am highlighting a very specific SAK today that is one of my favourite all rounders for size, weight and pure functionality.

The ALOX Farmer with a hook blade.

This knife is just fantastic and is truly worth the money. Every single cent. It is built to an incredibly high standard and is as tough as they come. The curved blade is a real gem for opening packages and for a million other tasks where you want the blade tip to dig in. I could see myself peeling oranges as well as whittling wood. It's just incredibly useful. I've had this knife for a year or so now and simply love it. It's a really terrific tool to have in my kit.

Swiss Army Knives have been around forever it seems and have an excellent reputation as high quality tools. They permeate just about every type of application from keychain to military utility. I doubt anyone in North America could go a day without seeing one if you really looked. Clipped to a pocket or dangling from a keychain, they are as plentiful as the stars.

I’ve had a keychain SAK that is about the smallest ALOX (Aluminum Oxide) knife you can buy. It has opened a thousand packages, but through endless miles of tape and cardboard, and has yet to be sharpened. It’s simply a tiny beast that keeps on performing when I really need it to.

With any SAK that I recommend I like to include the factory tour video which I think is just awesome.

Pro Tip: I hide a tiny fire steel, or ferro rod under the saw blade of each of my SAKs and it can be sparked with the spine of the saw. Adding the ability to reliably make a fire to each of my SAKs increases their practical value exponentially.

Have a great day and feel free to tell me about your Swiss Army Knives in the comments!


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