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Life On The Road ~ A Musician's Diary

thebugiqlast month2 min read


Remember that pesky cable I was having trouble with, and the new custom cable I had made up? Well it worked amazingly well and was worth every penny to have it made.

I arrived at my show yesterday early enough to do a comfortable set up. I dropped my gear in the auditorium I usually play and and my Spidey sense tingles. The room was cold, so the thermostat was way down obviouisly, the lights were off and the set up looked a little odd. Certainly not performance ready.

I decided to head up to the front desk and while I was going up in the elevator I saw the advertisement that I would be playing at 7:15PM and not 2:30PM as I had thought. I let the front desk know of the error and that I would not be able to return in the evening. I could do the show in 30 minutes time for the 2:30PM start if they could gather the people for the show.

They were very surprised and I took the time to show them the email confirmations and my calendar entry.

It all turned out just fine. We actually had a pretty large crowd at just around 100 people so the room was pretty packed and we had some great dancing and an all around great time!

Glad to be helping to chase away those winter blues,

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