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Bananas, Crackers and Nuts Season One ~ Episode Seven


Blake will not let Pierce leave for R&R, so he begins faking insanity. Captain Sherman, who happens to be a brilliant psychiatrist, comes over to see if Pierce's madness is for real and decides Pierce can use a few weeks of observation. To avoid this fate, Pierce, McIntyre, and Radar pull off a scheme that makes it appear Sherman sexually assaulted Major Houlihan.

We had three marvelous guest stars on this episode.

You can read some great background on each of the guest by clicking on their names.

Odessa Cleveland
Stuart Margolin
And of course,
Marcia Strassman

Hawkeye and Trapper seem trapped in surgery for days, dead on their feet being fed and watered while they operate.

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Hawkeye is determined to get out of dodge and get some R&R but leaving Henry always leaves Frank in charge and that can only mean fireworks!!

Hawkeye claims to be eating liver when the mess tent is only serving hamburgers. He calmly explains to Frank that he got the liver from a North Korean!

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As usual Frank & Margaret are always suspicious of Hawkeye's tricks to play them as fools and Margaret suggest a psych evaluation for Hawkeye just as he's getting ready to go on leave for his R&R. Radar has to be the bearer of the bad news!

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Determined to not be outwitted by a mere psychologist, Hawkeye, Trapper and Radar conspire to set up Sherman by tricking him to sleep in Margaret's hut and things get crazy from there!! I hope you will watch the episode to catch the wonderful performances and humour of this stellar cast.

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Thinking they are finally free and clear for leave, Henry is about to give them their passes when Radar's sensitive hearing picks up the sound of approaching choppers. The reality of war is snapped back into focus and self determination is overruled by the needs of the wounded.

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It's been pretty heartwarming for me to recently watch several interviews with the cast decades after the TV series wrapped up. The stories they tell about being on and off set are just marvellous. It really is a lost era that is slipping away. I'm okay with that. I still like to remember.

Please let me know in the comments if you watched the episode with me and if you loved it as much as I did.

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