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When My Thoughts Become Shareable!

tezmelPosted to Publiclast month4 min read

If you are a bit busy, I'd suggest you skip this. I am sharing this beforehand for you to understand that there's probably nothing interesting about this piece. I just want to write out what are my current thoughts. They say that a man is his deepest thoughts are at the moment, these are mine.

Photo is mine. Took this back in last year and mildly edited it on Photoshop Express for the purposes of spicing up this unconventional post :)


The reading is getting serious. I am intaking anything I can get my hands on. Juggling Jeanette Winterson's Oranges is Not The Fruit and Clare Clarke's We That Were Left and definitely some reading here on online villages. Paying more attention to narrative voice in the audiobook I am currently hooked on. Dr. Brene Brown is something else :D I didn't think that I'd be taking myself this serious but look at me go.

Yesterday I shocked my antisocial part to a coma when I made the effort of meeting someone I have only been chatting with online. Her name is June like the month of June! She's a light skinned attentive soul.

If you are reading this you should know that rarely happens. Which only tells me that I am growing :D

I am now taking part in a few communities here that have been sources of strength and inspiration to write. Even better, the inspiration to be myself as a writer. I can't express how that makes me proud of myself. Proud of giving back where I have taken so much. It's a joy to contribute to the foundations of what will make us conquerors of online space.

Moving on...

Though complicated as always, parenthood seems to be getting easier. I have learnt the important lesson of I can't control everything my children experience. I can't dilute whatever life brings to them or what they decide to do with it. There's some joy and liberty in knowing that I can't micromanage their lives or decisions.

If you are still reading this I know you are wondering why or what that means. It's the only form my fear of what could go wrong took. I felt like if I knew everything and offered the 'best' decisions to them then they didn't have to go through the shit I have.

Where was I?


After Progress are Challenges.

I am yet to figure a few crucial things like how I will make not less than 500 dollars from home to boost whatever I am running on so that I can stay in school throughout the year. If I do find a way to do it, which you can help with if you are still here, I will manage to run my household on a minimum budget including school fees rent, utilities and clothes and chase a few serious goals. Nothing flashy.

I also need to read more widely as much as I am proud of the current progress.

I am challenging myself to become more so I will try to be reviewing anything I watch and find interesting. This is first supposed to help me contribute more here and polish my story telling skills which I badly want to improve. I hope you bear with the biased reviews when I launch. :D

It will also help me monitor how much I watch and how resourceful or entertaining it will be.

All this is to help with accountability with my time. Like for instance, the time to talk to myself (read write, rant, spill tea or whatever you want to call this piece) is over. See you back here soon.

I forgot to ask you who is reading these thoughts, how are you doing?



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