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UnTitleD #Poetry

tezmelPosted to Publiclast month2 min read

I am here thinking
Of the nights my tongue was licking
Every inch of your flawessness
Dying to drink from your shrine
And wish that seasons would be still
For me to enjoy the spoils of your borderless love
To have my fingers magically draw
Your shy lover out to play.

I am looking back
To when your all was also mine
Times when I was the only one in your mind
Love was the bridge that brought you to me
Our unbreakable bond
Blazed down their unsolicited doubts
We followed each other about
Like Gemini twins.

I am weighing
Whatever we had going on
From the initial smiles
Right to the cozy hugs and cuddles
I was smitten by the time my lips landed on yours
Trying to cage the urge to rip your clothes
I forgot to breath the night you finally became mine
How is it that you are no longer mine?

I am clutching
On the good memories
Before I reflect rotten berries
That ruined my entire fruit cake
Whose taste is a permanent residue
That won't give my heart the clue
That it is time it let go of your mesmerising smile
And breath after such a long while.

By Alexa_Fotos from Pixabay.

This just came to me. It's unedited and I can't find a perfect title for it. Sometimes it's as easy as this but MOST of the time, it is very hard to create this way. Share your thoughts!



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