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Witness Node Declaration

tekrazePosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago

Hi everyone, I have joined this platform for more than a month now. I don't have any intentions before to do more but as friends insisted, I thought running a witness node will be the first step to becoming a dev here.

I don't promise any development from me yet, but for the time, I just want to support the whale shares blockchain


My name is balvinder singh and you can see me on other chains as @tekraze or @balvinder294 . I am a witness on other chains like Blurt, and Serey. Validator on Digchain/Anone, and node runner for SPKCC/Duat

I mostly do development on blurt.blog but If I get a chance, I will do that here.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions from me.

You can vote for my witness if you like.

And special thanks to @alexpmorris for helping me with the witness node configuration


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