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Lets fire it up with Some shots | Tekraze

tekrazePosted for Everyone to comment on, 10 months ago3 min read

This time no development post as I went for a photo session today (for some urgent work, will share when time comes)

Also, I will be posting Punjab pics later.

Photo Session

So, today I went to the park with my cousin and we have clicked like 10+ shots, of which I am sharing some of the pics with you all.

Standing 2.jpg

I had to purchase new clothes as I was busy working before the whole day (and I am on break now for at least a month)
You can say I have kind of divorced from dev work and enjoying some normal person life


I don't like to click pics often, but when I do, I do it with full dedication

I really enjoyed clicking pics even when it was 2 PM. So,, I hope you all will like these pics. Feel free to share your views


The pic credit goes to my cousin @jass99

Half cropped.jpeg

Note: Also my other cousin joined the platform today, show him some love.

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