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Drone News: Amazon Moves Into Voice-Controlled Drone Delivery

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Lookout world! In recent news, Amazon was just awarded a patent. The patent is for a drone that will recognize human gestures and voice commands to deliver packages.

According to Chain Store Age, the drone might include propulsion technology that manages the drone’s speed and trajectory. In addition, there will be a sensor and management system that can detect “visible gestures, audible gestures, and other gestures capable of recognition by the unmanned vehicle.”

I don't know about you but when I read this I thought it sounded a bit creepy. I can understand why this may be useful but it seems a bit dystopian at the same time eh?

Lets look at this a bit closer shall we? So basically, when a drone arrives at a customer’s home you could speak or use hand gestures to show the drone where to leave the package.

It works by interacting with a database of stored gestures, then based on its experience logs it can match the customer’s action and adjust its propulsion, trajectory, and speed to complete its task based on the customer’s request.

This is a brief look at what the future holds in terms of drone technology so next time you see an Amazon drone, don't forget to wave and order it to leave your package in the place that is most convenient for you!


Amazon Files Patent For Voice-Controlled Drone Delivery - PYMNTS

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