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Symbiont{s} | Witness & Project Announcement

symbiontsPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 months ago2 min read



We are more than happy to finally post for the first time on the Whaleshares Blockchain to announce our witness and project.

The Ecosynthesizer project was created by the symbionts team for the first time to serve as a decentralized curation initiative to support several communities. However, things have evolved since the first creation of the project. After the curation project, we started working on providing an alternative to explorers that failed the neutrality test. Our approach to building the explorer was based on providing key tools and features to the community and making sure that everything is as compact, clean, and refined as possible.

The idea of supporting various chains is not new, but we must say that all the honor goes to the community. We give the community a considerable regard, and we are constantly doing our best to accommodate its members and implement all the features that they want. Our team is already operating on numerous blockchains (Steem, Blurt, Serey, ...), which allowed us to develop a decent experience working with graphene blockchains. One of our goal, as we have already mentioned in the past, is to expand the explorer to support more chains and Whaleshares is next.

To support our effort, consider voting for @symbionts as a witness. We will make sure to update the community as soon as Whaleshares is added on https://ecosynthesizer.com.

We can be reached at @ecosynthesizer on Discord.

Thank you, and see you next time,

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