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Working days of one forest bird

svinsentPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago3 min read

Hello ,my friends!
New story of a pig Svinni and Co. Bird Magpie right now!


In one forest there lived a small bird. Yes, not just a bird, but the head of the department of forest squirrels-paparazzi, the chief curator and sometimes the generator of all forest rumors and the supplier of reliable information from the first paws. The cunning bird sometimes even created rumors and news herself in order to be in trend. Information is her bun and coffee! In fact, it used to be the Magpie bird worked for a bun, now it prefers a hard-hitting gold coin. Whoever owns the information also owns the forest! There were no other media in the forest, and therefore everyone unconditionally believed the media picture from the forest bird. And she used it! And who will forbid her? She's in the top! She has mountains of dirt on all the animals! Crowds of little scared paparazzi squirrels ran through the forest with cameras and recorded every step. There was even a saying in the forest that “The big bird is watching you”.

But the squirrels were stupid and could barely cope with complex photographic equipment. And sometimes embarrassment happened. Crooked squirrel legs dropped cameras from trees and cameras went out of order. Photographic equipment in the forest is a terrible shortage. All cameras were stolen from stupid gape tourists. The bird Magpie even took away one brilliant camera itself, could not resist. Painfully tempting, he shone. And this very camera was smashed by stupid squirrels. It was a loss of losses! A month's salary of nuts was collected from the guilty squirrel, and then the stupid creature was expelled from the ranks of the paparazzi in disgrace.

This is a tough business, there are no good people here! Squirrels must be on the wheel for life! The 99 squirrels remaining at work should understand this!

P.S. According to unverified rumors, the Magpie bird wants to conclude an agreement with the badgers for the supply of webcams. Where the thieving badgers will take the cameras is still a question. The bird dreams of installing automatic cameras that are triggered by movement in the forest on all trees. Total forest control! Then you can fire all the stupid squirrels and increase your gesheft. And how sweet it would be to install a sensor on each animal's paw, but this is still just a bird's dream.



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