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The greatest bird tragedy

svinsentPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago2 min read

Hello ,my friends!
New story of a pig Svinni.


Do you remember that Svinni has one mean bird that greedily devours food during photo shoots? The bird does it so dashingly that there is nothing to photograph there. Some leftovers on the plate! And people from the Times magazine were already interested in the pig's culinary masterpieces. What will he tell them?

Svinni decided this question in his favor. Well, it all happened completely by accident. A simple coincidence. That is life! It's nobody's fault! And other ridiculous pig excuses of the bird-killer.
Awkward Svinni unsuccessfully drops his camera to the floor. On the floor tiles! The tile was intact, but the polarizing filter shattered. Fortunately, the device itself escaped with minor scratches. All got off with only a slight fright. Everything except the bird. The bird could not withstand such a blow and gave up its ghost.
Now there is no more bird, no one to devour the culinary masterpieces of the pig. Or rather, there are no more ridiculous pig excuses and it will no longer be possible to lead readers by the nose. Now we will find out who actually eats all these sweets even before the photo is taken! Let's expose the impudent pigs!



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