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Svinni's secret bunker

svinsentPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago

Hello, my friends!
New story of pig Svinni. Apocalyptic story.


Life is interesting and strange now. The news has become strange and fancy, solid nonsense and the non-stop clown shows. At such times, the demand for the cookies increases sharply and those who want to dissolve their mouth on other people's delicious cookies becomes more and more. Because Svinni built another bunker in the wilderness of the forest. Yes, he already has one secret bunker. But too many bunkers do not happen! Suddenly you have to urgently move to a new location! You never know what can happen ...
Therefore, in the new bunker there are all the amenities for life and an unlimited amount of tea / coffee and cookies of different types. And let the whole world wait. And that the world is doing there now.
Svinni will eat cookies and watch the cinema in the record. Then, after 200 years, it is possible to go out, then everything will be fine ... it's funny.



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