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Granola with cottage cheese

svinsentPosted to Friends5 months ago3 min read

Hello, my friends!
The "Order of the soiled apron" in the person of Svinni cannot remain aloof from any fashion trends.
And therefore, today we will prepare a delicious and partially healthy breakfast made from granola.
Granola is an American version of muesli ( cereal).
In the American version, cereals with lots of dried fruits and honey are baked in the oven. It is believed that the composition of granola is very free and you can add almost anything to it.


I bought ready-made granola with an abundance of spices.
The composition included multi-cereal flakes, ginger, turmeric, date syrup, raisins, pekmez(?), pomegranate sauce, pepper and so on. Already the composition shows that this is a caloric topic.
Very bright and powerful thing! Turmeric and pepper felt good in taste.
If desired, granola can be made by yourself. It is enough to mix some cereal, honey, dried fruits, seeds, nuts, syrups (complete freedom of creativity!) and bake the whole thing in the oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.
We bake until the color is golden, we follow the oven, we do not need a burned one!!
My recipe contains cottage cheese and kefir.
The recipe is simple.
Let's go!


● Spicy granola - 100-150 g
● Kefir (yogurt) - 1-1.5 cups
● Cottage cheese - 200 g
● Banana - 1 pc.
● Cinnamon - 1 tsp.

1.So, we have a package of granola, which promises us that we will not be stupider than Tesla if we eat it regularly.
Supplement the holiday with kefir (yogurt), cottage cheese, banana and cinnamon.


2.We mix cottage cheese with kefir (yogurt).
Here we also pour granola. You can use drinking fruit yogurt or yogurt instead of kefir.
It remains only to cut the banana in circles and sprinkle breakfast with cinnamon.


3.I chose to serve a fashioned jar, but in a regular bowl, granola will be tasty. A delicious, and possibly slightly healthy breakfast is ready.
Why " slightly healthy "? And because 100 grams of granola contains 380 kcal, that's a lot. There are more than enough sweets in granola.
Because granola is a good source of energy in the morning, but in dietary terms, the option is not the best.
If you are on a diet, then we take cottage cheese, kefir, banana (or another fruit), cinnamon and exclude granola.


In principle, the thing is tasty, although overrated, because what is fashionable is expensive.


Will we cook?




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