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Confession of Cthulhu

svinsentPosted to Public28 days ago2 min read

Hello, my friends!
New story of pig Svinni and co.


We listen to the second side. Before that, we only listened to Svinni and are only familiar with his version of events. And the version was this: the vile red face of Cthulhu constantly swipes Svinni mango cocktails.
Once the piglet is distracted for a minute, Cthulhu immediately sticks to the tube and greedily sucks the contents of the glass. Disgrace!
The complete arbitrariness and lawlessness of arrogant squids! How long? Is it really difficult for squid to take a glass of mango delicious food at the bar?
Urgently need to complain to the UN pig! They like to listen to all kinds of animals. At the same time we gruntly pity something about Greta's stolen childhood.
So, let’s hear the version of Cthulhu.
Once Svinni was relaxing on the warm sea with a little white sand. And, of course, in this beautiful place one could taste ripe exotic fruits.
I am a simple squid from the depths of the seas (here Cthulhu is obviously making fun of it, we know these “simple” squids, which at one point can destroy all of humanity) and, besides seaweed, I haven’t tried anything from fruit. Seaweed for me is fruits and vegetables, and a shell for rolls with tuna. And this pig offers me to try a mango cocktail.
Come on, my friend, take a sip from my glass, you'll like it, it's very tasty. The first glass is free!
I tried and it changed my life. The sweet tart taste of mango did not leave me indifferent and I was hooked on mango cocktails!
But for some reason, the taste of a cocktail from a standard glass was too ordinary or something. The usual mango cocktail.
But the very same Svinni smoothie cocktail had a magical taste!
Can Svinni cheat and add some illegal ingredients there?
There are some glutamates with tomatoes or other flavor enhancers, it will become from it, it’s still a muzzle!
I believe that this treacherous pig is to blame for everything! It hooked me on mango cocktails and now bears full responsibility for my actions!
I look forward to new secretly drunk mango cocktails and I can’t do anything about it anymore.
What to do with squid now?
Maybe you should give it to a club of anonymous addicted to
mango cocktails?




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