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An unexpected union

svinsentPosted 10 days ago for Everyone to comment on2 min read

Hello, my friends!

New stories about the adventures of pig Svinni and co.


Raccoon Oscar understood that Svinni would not leave him alone. You need something that will decisively crush the pig. In addition, the raccoon Oscar did not forget about Cthulhu for a minute, this mighty power should not be underestimated. Need a backup plan! You already understood everything from the picture, right?
The enemy of my enemy is my friend! Karabas Kthulhabas fiercely hated Pigocchio and Cthulhu, as well as Svinni. This gang despicably destroyed his puppet theater and dispersed the forest gang of the fox Raisa and the cat Basilik!
The puppet pigs from the Karabas"s puppet theater gained freedom and gold coins dripped into other pockets, but not into the Ktulkhabas ones. It's a shame!
Karabas Kthulhabas forgot nothing and forgave nothing. He harmed all of Svinni's friends in every possible way, including Oscar the raccoon. The old rascal contacted the raccoon Oscar and offered him an alliance in the fight against Svinni for some material assistance. Nothing personal, purely business. In addition, Pigocchio sits on the moon, which is like a red rag for a bull! The raccoon immediately happily agreed, in this case the brains of such a rascal will be very useful. And Karabas Kthulhabas had a clear plan to destroy the Svinni Dark Bishop Empire. The fraudster had time to sort everything out on the shelves. Now all that remains is to lure the piglet and Cthulhu to the moon, and then at once to slam all their warm pork bunch. On the plantations of golden eggs, gratuitous labor is always needed! The treachery of raccoons knows no bounds!

..to be continued…..



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