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Kevin Dellinger Does the Wicked Game - Sorry It is Not Chris

suriel30005 months ago3 min read


No. I am not doing anything bad. No. I am not being wicked. Don't get thrown off by the title so soon.

Actually I am talking about that song from Chris Isaak. Do you remember that music video where the guy was with the girl on the beach in the 1990s? This song got really popular. I looked on Youtube and the original song of "Wicked Game" has over 22 million hits.

I listened to the song. I said to myself, I would like to do this song. It sort of sounds like my style of music. But it is more rockabilly than electronic. So I composed my own version of the song. It sounds more like Kevin Dellinger's version for sure. It has more keyboards. But I was satisfied with the results. I licensed the cover song through LANDR. It took about a week to get approved. It takes a while for LANDR to do the paper work to make it all legal.

Now holding that falsetto in the end was tricky. Considering that I am getting older. I am no spring chicken anymore. I cracked my voice about hundred times until I got it right. I had to wait until my kids were in school before I laid down the vocal tracks. I didn't want them thinking that I had a major problem. After all, listening to an isolated vocal track is so embarrassing. You know what i mean?

Anyways, I got approved today. Now I have my own version of "Wicked Game" released on Spotify, Google Play, Deezer and Tidal. If you have Spotify, take a listen. If you like my version add it to a playlist. This would help me out so much. Also the same strategy with Deezer. If you have Deezer, please add me to your playlist if you like what you hear. Take a listen by clicking on the image below.
Wicked Game by Kevin Dellinger

"Wicked Game" by Kevin Dellinger is a 5 minute song. It sounds similar to the original. But I have my own style that I can't shake. I am an electronic composer so it will not sound like the original guitar. You know that certain sound where the guitar string bends at the beginning? No I did not do that. But I am still satisfied regardless.

I have other licensed cover songs that I have also composed. I did a few songs from "the Doors": "People are Strange" and "Light My Fire." I also did "The Safety Dance" by "Men Without Hats." I will probably do more cover songs. I am enjoying it way too much as it is. I can't wait to hear what I come up with next.

Please follow me on Spotify if you haven't already.

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