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End the Week at the Rosari Park in Aceh Besar.

sudutpandangPosted to Publiclast month2 min read

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Hello everyone, all of you lovers of travel, happy weekend to all of you, and have a happy smile today.

I am a simple young man who lives in deepening Indonesia, I like to be adventurous, and what is even more exciting is my hobby of traveling.

Weekends are important moments for me to look for entertainment, and one way to entertain myself is traveling.

Taking advantage of a day off for traveling is something I often do, especially on weekends, of course I will take advantage of my free time and time to visit tourist attractions, both in the area where I live, and outside the region. However, visiting interesting places will always whisper in my mind.

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This time, I and two of my traveler friends visited a rosari park attraction that was so charming and made my mind calm because of the nuances of calm that arise from this cool park.

Rosari Park is located in a large Aceh mountainous area, precisely in the village of Lamtanjong, a village with a user area that has a beautiful panorama, especially with the cool weather in this area.

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The rosasri garden is circular, and in the middle there is a large pond, while the garden area surrounds the pond, and along the landslide road there are many traditional medicinal plants, and also rare plants which are not necessarily present in the people's gardens in this village. Such as meulu plants that can be used for fever medication, or also salad plants that can be used for cough medicines, and also sikhoh khoh plants that can be used for medicinal wounds, and many more types of traditional plants that have many benefits in the rosari garden this.

Around this park while enjoying the cool atmosphere and while looking at the plants that are around the park is a very pleasant thing, and we spend half the day in this park just to just look around and enjoy the cool weather in this mountain region.

This is the story of the weekend from me, then what is your story at the end of this week ?,

Whatever the story, be it happy or sad, don't forget to smile for today.

Have a nice weekend, and don't forget to be happy ...


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