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Philosophy; Seeing the Reality

sudutpandangPosted to Public2 months ago


There is an old pretty saying that I have heard from people before, "If you want to see reality then stand in front of the glass and then portrait".

That is a beautiful proverb that sank the meaning of humans in real life. If we examine on various social media about a person then what is seen is not 100% as real as there is, for example just about the life style of a person, when compared from social media with real life sometimes different, or even much different, although there are also me with real life , and even then not much, only a handful of people.

Therefore, a person's life or reality cannot be measured from his life on social media, because sometimes a person's lifestyle on social media is very different from reality, or it can even be the opposite.

That's the real side of someone from a different perspective.
Dah, gitu aja..



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