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The Chelsea weakness that Everton and West Ham exposed that Frank Lampard must fix

stevenmosoesPosted to Public8 months ago2 min read

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Frank Lampard and his team must fix the left back problematic issues so far this season, virtually all the goal that Chelsea has conceded all came from the left back pocket position or misplaced in that back four.

We have been changes which saw Emerson retired to the bench with Azpilicueta playing in that position but still the problem is unsolved. The match against Lille is a win or draw situation provided Ajax defeat Valencia. I prefer that Chelsea should not hope on luck but do their job well to secure victory against Lille.

However, regarding the fitness of his squad as a whole in the typically busy month of December, Frank Lampard said the players were doing okay, adding he is pleased we are playing another game so soon after the disappointment of Saturday. The disappointment which open the top four finish again.

It is a massive one, too, as victory against the French side would guarantee our place in the Champions League last 16. ‘It would be a good achievement,’ assessed Frank Lampard. ‘There are expectations that would get through the group, I get that, but it was a tough group. The slightly young feel to our team, the fact we lost the first game, the few difficulties we have had, I think we have dealt with them very well to get into this position and want to improve more getting into the next round.

There is still work to be done so we have to go out to win the game. Winning is all that matters on Tuesday night if we are to progress to the next round. ‘There are opportunities now for the team, particularly the young boys, to make a mark. It’s good. I like the pressure of this game being knockout. If we’re going to do anything good here, we’re going to have to have lots of these nights.

It is a boost to see Rudiger back for contention for the game, he has done a lot of work lately in a bid to get him ready for the game. Let's hope he can bring some good experience into the back four.

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