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My Year 2018 Contest: Do a recap of your year with "Achievements and Failures" Sponsored by WhaleToken.

stevenmosoes3 months ago3 min read

Hello whalesharians, greetings to y'all.

As we all know it's December which happens to be the last month of the year for 2018. Making it obvious it's 25days countdown into the year 2019 and am sure a lot of us want to recap of what has happened so far this year.


  • During the starting of 2018, we were optimistic about the year and what it holds. We made our new year resolutions, prayers, wishes, to-do list.

  • We made our plans like the things we want to accomplish, to change, to win, to overcome, to see the results and so on.

  • We all started this year with the hope of fulfilling each and every of our wishes and desires before the end of the year, which now bring us to the contest we have.


Write about how the year 2018, has been so far.

  • Did you pass or fail your exams and tests.
  • Were you able to over come that fear, addiction or failure.
  • Were you able to accomplish that task you set for the year.
  • Were you able to attend that party, dinner, thanksgiving or gathering you wanted to go.
  • Were you able to go on that vacation you've been craving for.
  • Were you able to make new friends or lost the ones you had.
  • Did you lost something or someone close to you.

Just write about the year 2018 and how it has been to you so far.

,Take us on the journey of your 2018 by writing about it and win some token and upshare for yourself*

Prizes and Winners

At the end of two weeks which is the post payout period, I want to see at least 20 entries before I can considered this contest to be valid.

  • Every participant get 50% upshare from me and 10 Dbread Token each.

  • The best three writeup and well formatted, creative and professional content will be rewarded 100 Dbread Token each.

  • After the best three has been chosen we will then have five honourable mentions with 50 Dbread token each.

Rules for this contest

  • Your topic should be "My Year 2018: Recap with Achievements and Failures." You can add other things.

  • Please use "myyear2018" as your first tag so as to easily find it by others who are willing to curate your content.

  • Use your own image.

  • Upshare and follow the account for more of other Bi-Weekly Contest.

  • Only One entry per person will be accepted.

  • Comment your entry on this post.

  • Be creative and informative enough. Don't just write.

  • Rules are to be follow to the letter.

The contest is to appreciate how far we've come through, even in good and in bad times. From Steemit to the birth of this great platform.

Duration, the contest is to last until post pay out.

Let's the contest begin.


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