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How to use your Whaletoken to get rewarded on Whaleshares.

stevenmosoesPosted to Public2 years ago3 min read

Good day friends,

Since the advent of Whaleshares.io mainnet a lot had happen with the platform on time with schedule of how the platform will move from one level to another. I must say that the growth has been wonderful since launched.

All the plan of action are gradually taking place with beautiful changes every now and then. Changes that is putting smiles on the face of many judging from the other platforms they are coming from.

It was announced that Whaletoken such as, bhive, Krazykoin, whale coin, etc can now be used to get your post rewarded/shared yesterday September 18th, 2018 which is what gave birth to the necessary tutorials to help newbies.

Below is steps to follow to get your share/Reward using your Whaletoken.

Remember the Whaletoken reside on your Bitshares Account so this tutorial is going to start from how to login to Bitshare.

  1. Go to wallet.bitshares.org and login using your user name and password (Password is usually a special character given to you as sign up).

  2. Once you have login, go to upper right corner where you have a lock image to unlock your account in other to be able to send your token. Then click on the lock image and login.




  1. Once the lock image is open, it means you can go ahead to press the send button near your token to the actual account in other to get rewarded almost immediately. Click the send button seen in the image.


It take you to the page as seen in the image below.


Fill the form and choose the require token if BDT Token is not what you are sending.



After filling the form with the example above, your Url there is the link to your post. Then click send. You should be receiving reward in less than a minute. In the ratio of 1% to 1 Token.

For example, if you send 50 token that's equivalent to 50% reward and from the above example token is sent from your wallet to bhive to get reward from Bhive.

Note: you need to have at least 1 BTS in your account to be able to completed the process. Transaction fee is remove from there unless you have another coin to use like I used in the above image.

I hope this help all lot of people who are looking to use there acquired whaletoken.

Thank you for reading.

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