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How to post on three platforms at the same time.

stevenmosoesPosted to Public2 years ago2 min read


Hi friends,

This is a training video made for the people who has been asking me questions about how to cross post and for those who don't know how to cross post on different platform at the same time.

Cross Posting

Crossposting is the act of posting the same content across multiple blogging or social platforms such as Whaleshares, Steem, Golos, Medium, Weku, etc.

As a steemit blogger coming to the new whaleshares sharing platform which is only have similarities but different from each other you might just need to cross post to save you stress of having to post twice.

Same content different platform more audience. I believe the act of posting is not for the money but to pass a message to the general public while the monetary aspect is secondary.

Check out the video it's quick and easy to use tool. One of the very best coming from the DEV Team of Whaleshares. Kudos. Special appreciation.

Thank you for watching and reading. See you in my next training. I hope this help a lot of people.

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