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startail7 months ago2 min read

Hello everyone!

I'm thrilled to see the new Whaleshares network going from a long trial run on Testnet to an actual living breathing whale in the big ocean of chains, with real value and great potential!


I've been a long running testnet witness on Whaleshares and I'm continuing my support for this great chain. My witness name is the same as my account name startail and can be found on the witness page together with all the other great witnesses.

I've been a witness on Steem for a long time, and handled its challenges during the past year. Look me up on SteemDB.

Chain Tools

I enjoy creating useful tools for chains and will try my best to do the same for whaleshares. It is a new chain and has its differences, but it makes it all more fun to.

First out is http://whaleshares.live

This is a quick, and so far vary basic, page to see the chain live. Right now it's more useful for a witness than anyone else, but the plan is to make it more useful for the common man.

I'm really looking forward to see what we can create together!

It will be a great and exiting journey we embark on from today :)

Moya from Farscape © by it's creator


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